Saturday, 2 February 2013

Monster in Paris

It was 100% good. The movie was a bit scary but the monster is not scary.  It is exciting. There are not too many villains, but enough villains to make it a little bit scary. The monster is not a bad a guy, he is trying to be the people's friend. they are scared. The villain is trying to kill the monster but an agent is also after the case and he finds out the villain actually wants to kill the monster so that he can be mayor.  it taught me scary things are not always scary if you really look at them the other way, if they're real, then they might be a little bit nicer if you look at them another way. they might be a nice person that can actually help you out. My favourite character was 

Emile - Cinema projectionist
He likes Maud and he is a nice guy, he projects films and he made a film in his mind about him saving Maud from a dragon crocodile. 

Maud - Box office staff
She's a nice woman and she tries to save the others like Emile, Raoul, Charles and Lucille.   They all go on great missions and Maud helps out at the end even though she doesn't help out at the start, she still cares about the monster at the end and helping his life from Maynott.

Raoul - Truck delivery guy
He is in love with his truck, he says at first his coat his not straw and then afterwards it is revealed to be straw and it's eaten by a horse at the end. 

Lucille - Singer
She helps out as a nice girl even though at the start her an Raoul, even as grade 1's they didn't like each other, she stole his truck but was waiting for him to come and get it. At the same time he never asked for it back, only at the end did that happen. and she almost fell in the lake with Raoul and at the end they were friends again.

Charles - Professor's Monkey (Professor is Raoul's boss)
Charles, he is a funny monkey and he talks by papers. You never really get to see the truck driver's boss and there is a time where he gets to drive a car.

Maynott - Commissioner
He is an evil guy trying to kill monster with all that he can get, even with the monster smartness and they're helping he thinks he killed him but he still lives at the end. everybody is sad at first but then the monster is revealed small again and then grows back to him normal size.

Pate - Investigator
Pate is not all on the commissioner's side, he is also trying to find out who is the real bad guy, he goes after the monster at first but then realizes that the monster has done nothing bad so he puts the commissioner in prison.

Albert -singing waiter
Albert tries to make the girl happy with his singing though she doesn't like it and he betrays her too by telling the police where the monster is for she has the monster hidden and well as her friends and they save her from the commissioner killing the monster in her house.

He is a pretty nice guy to think of it and he was hidden too and he went on a car and he has been jumping from building to building, he came from a seed and a huge flower too. and he is a pretty good friend after you think about it, and we saw him a few times. he needs to be taken care of and loved or he will scare pretty much if you have never seen him before.

I would say the movie is good for children who are 6 years and up. 


  1. Dear Soshi,
    This is an interesting review of the film. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on the film. Thank you for sharing with me.

    1. dear tiger spirit 3 did you watch the movie? if so i am sure you can relate :)