Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Let me tell you about Asterix and Obelix - it is for kids any age. You may let your kid have five Asterix's a month or more. There are different Asterixes. I like the most about Asterix that they're so funny and that their village is the only resistance against the empire of Rome.  These are the examples of being troubled by Rome: the druid getting ill so the magic potion is out of hand; or the Romans using new weapons such as catapults, battering rams or sending spies out to get information; or they tried once a person that made everyone fight or they use sestertii to take their minds away as well as getting richer and richer. In Obelix and Co., usually the Asterixes start with Asterix, but Obelix and Co. starts with Obelix.

Let me introduce the characters.

Asterix is a nice man. He's the shortest person in the whole village. He is the smartest one in the whole village.

Getafix is the druid who supplies the magic potion to the villagers.

Obelix is the menhir delivery man, if you don't know what a menhir is - well it is a big rock that you can use for mail, it's better than losing a letter.

There is dogmatix who usually goes on adventures, and he is Obelix the menhir delivery man's little dog.

Vitalstatistix is the chief of the village, he makes the commands around there and he also thinks sestertii can't take over his mind and he doesn't like health farms.

I like Asterix.  Asterix is a nice comic book; it teaches you about Latin language, and the Roman history and it also teaches you about how Brutus betrayed Caesar and how everyone tried to get Caesar's spot.  It is funny, and some of it is a little sad  because the Romans get away with the magic potion.  As for the Gauls in this village they live free like birds in the air, with no pollution. Now let me go on with something else, there are  fun bits - beating up Romans who are around. The camps Compendium, Totorum, Laudanum and Aquarium - they are the Roman camps, they always get beat up and they are always waiting for the new recruits. They laze about, not bothering to get in their uniform, for they don't attack the Gauls because their magic potion gives them superhuman strength.

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