Saturday, 23 February 2013

Missing Mom

It's hard to be away from your mom for a long time, even if you still have the other parent and a baby. It's really hard, to think about it, when you only have been away from your mom for a short time, it feels like a year. And it just gets stronger and stronger, when it feels like today, it feels like a year and then another year and a half of the third year. It's gets more paining to think about your mom going again but if you only had your mom go away for one time, you shouldn't feel that bad about it. and you can miss your mom for a long time, the same thing with your dad or if any person in your family goes away that lives in your house. but one thing is, some pets or family members that are pets can't go away - so there's one thing, except for cats.  I'm writing this because my mom is going away tomorrow to work with migrant women and she'll be back tomorrow night.

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