Saturday, 23 March 2013

Rise of the Guardians

 I saw Rise of the Guardians twice - at a theatre downtown and at my school.  I liked it a lot. But it was a little edgy and things, a little bit sad. 

First there were four Guardians: Sandman, Santa Claus, the Toothfairy and the Easter Bunny.   DON'T READ THIS PART IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BE SPOILED OVER THIS MOVIE. There was some sadness about Sandman turning into black sand and he wasn't in the movie for a while. Then he came back to life and it was almost at the end so he didn't stay in the movie for long. I wish they left him in longer. 

By the way, Jack Frost agreed to be in the Guardians, for a team, though he thought the Easter Bunny was a kangaroo.  There was this weird guy Pitch, he had this nightmare horse that protected him, when he thought he was going to defeat the Guardians. He tried to get Jack Frost to join his side by saying night and coldness go together, and Jack Frost is a guy who makes these drawings with ice.  And Pitch is some guy who wants to be powerful and scare everyone to death.  And he also wants to be believed in.

I would recommend 6 or up to watch this movie because scary points are included. There was a funny part, because Sandman talks in these little sand pictures but when he was trying to say the Man in the Moon was talking to them, they wouldn't listen. He tried flags, he tried everything. Then he got an idea, he took an elf, they had bells on their head, and shook them. Ding, ding ding!

I learned that the darkness is nothing but bad things but that doesn't make me think that bad dreams is nothing but smoke coming out of my head. For the good guys there was this yellow sand over the kids' heads and those are the things they are dreaming of. And obviously they are good things.  Like for example, unicorns with a girl riding on top  of it or a giant cupcake that a kid ate in one second.

Once I had a good dream about a huge lollipop, then I licked it and then I realized it was so rocky, then it wasn't a lollipop, it was a candy cane - so I bit it. Then I just sucked on it for a whole week and then it was gone and my teeth were red and white.  Then I touched my teeth and I turned into a candy cane - Super Candy Cane! 

And by the way, the elves don't make the toys, the yetis do and the elves eat the cookies.  But when an elf is eating a cookie he spit it out because Santa Claus was supposed to eat the cookies.

I believe in Santa Claus. I believe in the Tooth Fairy, in the Easter Bunny and Jack Frost. Although I never see the ice pictures. It's a pity.

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