Tuesday, 12 March 2013

 The Cat Came Back

The Cat Came Back is a very nice play.  I saw it at Young People's Theatre.  Young People's Theatre has very nice plays for kids and adults and all kinds of ages.  I've been in a few ballet shows there, but that's a whole other story.  Today we're talking about The Cat Came Back.  Here are the characters:

Mr Johnson 
The Cat

I love the plays at Young People's Theatre.  'The Cat Came Back' has very interesting characters and actors.  Fred was trying to make a song called 'The Cat Came Back', but it made Mr. Johnson crazy about that cat.  Fred's musicians tried to help Fred try to make Mr Johnson love his cat and have lots of kittens. I liked that the cat always came back, it's a very special cat because the cat always came back.  I especially liked when the cat kept tricking Mr. Johnson into the cat ripping his sweater. I liked the songs - they're funny, silly and all different kinds of expressions like sad and happy. I liked the dancing.  In one of the parts Mr. Johnson got too freaked out that he turned into a statue, he needed help from one of the musicians who didn't talk but he used sign language and he made Mr. Johnson say 'ah, ah, ah, ah', then Mr. Johnson was finally free. And Mr. Johnson went so crazy, so crazy, that he ran through the audience, ran, ran ran - he got so crazy that he just wanted to move to Hawaii.  I want to move to Hawaii too.  And he wears a disguise to try to get them to stop making that cat song - his disguise was a black coat with a long nose and glasses. He tried to get them to stop it but it didn't work, it just made thing go worser and worser. Till the end.  

The play reminded me of the time a cat invaded our house. It almost scratched our radio and it chased up and down the stairs with my dad and my baby sister. But my dad kept trying to nicely lure the cat but my baby sister kept going 'Raar!'. It was funny and I accidentally made the cat go back into our house to start the whole thing again.


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