Thursday, 4 April 2013

 TIFF Kids is a film festival for kids.  
April 9-21.


Here are some of great the films you can see. 

The Intergalactic Space Adventures of Cleo and Anouk

It was an amazing movie and I  loved the outer space atmosphere.  I wouldn't leave the windows open if I went into outer space. Going out on bikes after dark to find ghosts in the park is a crazy idea. I think that it's nice how they used puppets. I would love to meet the two girls who starred in this show and I think it would be amazing to actually know or see who actually wrote this show.  I like that it has two girls as the two stars - because I don't usually see that. I usually see boys or usually I see cartoons. I don't really see real live actors too much.  I thought it was funny and a bit different. This show is good for any age. No scary atmosphere. 

It made me think about going on adventures. And I already went on some adventures. Once I went up cable cars, another time I went swimming with a baby.  Another time I was sitting on the Alps of Austria on the ledge of a table. I even saw a person hanggliding down.

No Noodles

I think it was funny and it was amazing how they used the clay. I thought it was cool to see a dinosaur come out of the noodles.

The Race
The race is a very nice movie. I think that it is very cute. I liked the artwork and I liked how it's a story I already know but it is different. My favourite character  was tortoise. I liked the way he moved a little then he stopped. I liked that you can win by taking a nice walk, no need to run.This movie is good for any age. It was fantastic.     

Macropolis is about a cat and a dog. They go on a journey together after they are thrown out but they come back to life as pirate toys. At the end of the show they find a home.  I liked that it is very adventurous. I loved how they made the world go so fast but they're going so slow.

The Little Team
The Little Team is a film about soccer. I love how it's so cute.  It's nice how they tell a story that's real.  It's about soccer and it's about this team - they work so hard but they never get it, their destiny - a goal.  I thought it was really funny.

It was very interesting and I liked how the girl was creative. I really think the backpack would get stuffed.


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