Friday, 26 April 2013


This is a film called the Aristocats.  The kittens names are Marie, Berlioz, and Toulouse. Their mom is Duchess and their soon-to-be dad is Thomas.  It's because he's not fully their dad, he becomes their dad at the end.  it is fun and exciting . The butler named Edgar, when he hears that Madame Bonfamile says that she is going to leave all her treasures and gold to the cats instead of Edgar the butler. So Edgar immediately tries to make a sleeping potion to make the cats go to sleep so in the middle of the night he can take them away so he can get the gold and coins for himself.  The mom and the kittens were put by a river bank - one by one they were found and met together.  After meeting the cat Thomas, they met goose on the way back to the city. And before the goose, they went on a magic carpet ride which was a milk truck.  After the goose, they met the uncle goose Waldo.  He was marinated.  He was drunk.  They go to Thomas' home for a while to get rest after the night and go back to Paris. After meeting the scat gang of alley cats and Roquefort the mouse, they come back from Roquefort trying to tell them that Edgar is going to tie them up in the bag. After Edgar doing that he again, Roquefort, starts to find Thomas to rescue the cats. After rescuing the cats they sing a song. The end. 


Thursday, 25 April 2013

This is my Little Pony Gangnam Style.  I think it will be more appropriate than regular Gangnam Style.  Try it out, all you have to do is just try the link.  I think you will like it. And if you watch some My Little Pony videos it has some scenes. Good luck on finding them.

I like My Little Pony, it's because it's cute and every day they learn a new adventure lesson, and I've already watched all of them.  And when you watch them again and again, the same thing keeps happening so there's no point in watching them.

My Little Pony Gangnam Style

Thursday, 4 April 2013

 TIFF Kids is a film festival for kids.  
April 9-21.


Here are some of great the films you can see. 

The Intergalactic Space Adventures of Cleo and Anouk

It was an amazing movie and I  loved the outer space atmosphere.  I wouldn't leave the windows open if I went into outer space. Going out on bikes after dark to find ghosts in the park is a crazy idea. I think that it's nice how they used puppets. I would love to meet the two girls who starred in this show and I think it would be amazing to actually know or see who actually wrote this show.  I like that it has two girls as the two stars - because I don't usually see that. I usually see boys or usually I see cartoons. I don't really see real live actors too much.  I thought it was funny and a bit different. This show is good for any age. No scary atmosphere. 

It made me think about going on adventures. And I already went on some adventures. Once I went up cable cars, another time I went swimming with a baby.  Another time I was sitting on the Alps of Austria on the ledge of a table. I even saw a person hanggliding down.

No Noodles

I think it was funny and it was amazing how they used the clay. I thought it was cool to see a dinosaur come out of the noodles.

The Race
The race is a very nice movie. I think that it is very cute. I liked the artwork and I liked how it's a story I already know but it is different. My favourite character  was tortoise. I liked the way he moved a little then he stopped. I liked that you can win by taking a nice walk, no need to run.This movie is good for any age. It was fantastic.     

Macropolis is about a cat and a dog. They go on a journey together after they are thrown out but they come back to life as pirate toys. At the end of the show they find a home.  I liked that it is very adventurous. I loved how they made the world go so fast but they're going so slow.

The Little Team
The Little Team is a film about soccer. I love how it's so cute.  It's nice how they tell a story that's real.  It's about soccer and it's about this team - they work so hard but they never get it, their destiny - a goal.  I thought it was really funny.

It was very interesting and I liked how the girl was creative. I really think the backpack would get stuffed.