Wednesday, 27 February 2013

This is for children. To get your ears pierced hurts alot. Then it will slowly go away. You need to clean it and then you need to keep the earrings in for six weeks.  and you need to clean them and keep hair away from them and there's rules too and  you need to make sure that you read the rules so you don't get ear infections. and really keep them in, if you don't, the ears will just sew up and you have to go back to the shop and get all your ears pierced again and start all over again.  I just got my ears pierced and it feels nice that I got it.

My parents did not ask me if I wanted to get my ears pierced, I asked them if I could, they replied yes. That's how the whole story started.  It's because I thought it would look nice and I wanted to see what it looks like on me. That's the reason I got it. Go to the Eaton's Centre and on the second floor there will be an ear piercing shop that even has 100 different kinds of earrings or more or less that you could choose. And there's a food cafeteria down there where you can get food too. And there's lots more if you need. And that's all you really need to know about the earring piercing. You could get two at a time or on the weekends you could get one at a time.

I'm happy I got them and I was relieved I don't have to do them again.  It hurts a lot, it doesn't hurt like someone pinching your ears, it hurts way more than that. It hurts like someone going right through your ear. The pain lasts a short time.  It surprised me how it hurt so much. And the woman that pierced my ear was very nice.

I got flower earrings. Pink in the middle and white for the petals. I chose these because I just like them.  

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Missing Mom

It's hard to be away from your mom for a long time, even if you still have the other parent and a baby. It's really hard, to think about it, when you only have been away from your mom for a short time, it feels like a year. And it just gets stronger and stronger, when it feels like today, it feels like a year and then another year and a half of the third year. It's gets more paining to think about your mom going again but if you only had your mom go away for one time, you shouldn't feel that bad about it. and you can miss your mom for a long time, the same thing with your dad or if any person in your family goes away that lives in your house. but one thing is, some pets or family members that are pets can't go away - so there's one thing, except for cats.  I'm writing this because my mom is going away tomorrow to work with migrant women and she'll be back tomorrow night.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Let me tell you about Asterix and Obelix - it is for kids any age. You may let your kid have five Asterix's a month or more. There are different Asterixes. I like the most about Asterix that they're so funny and that their village is the only resistance against the empire of Rome.  These are the examples of being troubled by Rome: the druid getting ill so the magic potion is out of hand; or the Romans using new weapons such as catapults, battering rams or sending spies out to get information; or they tried once a person that made everyone fight or they use sestertii to take their minds away as well as getting richer and richer. In Obelix and Co., usually the Asterixes start with Asterix, but Obelix and Co. starts with Obelix.

Let me introduce the characters.

Asterix is a nice man. He's the shortest person in the whole village. He is the smartest one in the whole village.

Getafix is the druid who supplies the magic potion to the villagers.

Obelix is the menhir delivery man, if you don't know what a menhir is - well it is a big rock that you can use for mail, it's better than losing a letter.

There is dogmatix who usually goes on adventures, and he is Obelix the menhir delivery man's little dog.

Vitalstatistix is the chief of the village, he makes the commands around there and he also thinks sestertii can't take over his mind and he doesn't like health farms.

I like Asterix.  Asterix is a nice comic book; it teaches you about Latin language, and the Roman history and it also teaches you about how Brutus betrayed Caesar and how everyone tried to get Caesar's spot.  It is funny, and some of it is a little sad  because the Romans get away with the magic potion.  As for the Gauls in this village they live free like birds in the air, with no pollution. Now let me go on with something else, there are  fun bits - beating up Romans who are around. The camps Compendium, Totorum, Laudanum and Aquarium - they are the Roman camps, they always get beat up and they are always waiting for the new recruits. They laze about, not bothering to get in their uniform, for they don't attack the Gauls because their magic potion gives them superhuman strength.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

These are my poems. I hope you like them. There is 'Cloudy Days Poems the First' and 'Cloudy Days Poems the Second'.  You can see the writing.

May 10, 2012

Knights with crowns.
Kings with crowns.
Now the bravery dragon
Helps! Says the princess.
Help! Says the maid.
Now the sneaky snake
Slithers along the ruddle.

Springy summer fills me with joy
The robin's breast shows me that its spring
The lilacs smell as soft as the blue jay's breast
If I see the blue jay's crowl
That means I can yell it's fall.

Oak leaves brown
Foxes brown too
With the sound fall is here
That's the big crow's crowl

Rainbow days I love you!
The more you shine 
I glitter too.

Halloween with the spooky 
Jack O Lantern I yell 'Boo'!
I love the glittery light and
The spooky candies

May 12, 2012

I think that summer's such a breeze
And I love that there's no snow!
Oh! Oh! I love Halloween too!
And I think that summer's such a breeze
And the beautiful fall.

Dragons tails glow.
As fast as the night sword,
And as comfortable as a snake's back,
In the beautiful rainbow fall.
And I love the beautiful breeze of the castle.
Fire! Says the dragon.
Fire! Says the maid.
The dragon's tail glows.

I love you.
I love you.
So much as a robin's breast.
Not as much as how I see winter.
And the fall too.

I love you as much as a summer day.
And the writing of a scribe.

Here To Hear

Here to Hear is a nice play, Young People's Theatre has nice plays.  I went to go see this with my dad. It's about a girl and her dad.  Her dad is famous with music, he went all over the world to travel. Usually she goes with him.  Those are the characters. Then there was a little light friend named Spot that was shaped like a ball. The dad and the girl had an argument whose music was the real music. The dad and the girl helped Spot go to sleep. And Spot helped them settle their argument. Spot showed them that both of their music were equal.

It's funny and it's mostly about music.  There are no scary things in the play, only a little loud noises.  I liked Spot, he went on the dresser hangars of the dad's different costumes. And he carries him up and down the stairs near where you sit. The girl is also trying to make a song for her dad for his birthday. I like Spot.  The dad sings a little louder than the girl. But the girl has more interesting music.  For example she played music from Alvin and the Chipmunks. I liked that a lot.

I learned that sounds can be music and also, like opera singing can actually be really good music. The play made me think a lot about how to make both musics equal. I thought about it and then I thought maybe I could make my own music. But its not so much music I'm talking about.  But it's poems. Poems is sort of like music, though it could be rhyming words, or words that sound good together, combined together to make a little sentence - so it's sort of like music. That's why I will have some poems put up here soon.

 This is the information about the play
STUDIO | FEB 4 - 21, 2013

Saturday, 2 February 2013


hugo is a movie. he is also boy. he is a nice boy. he works in the paris train station as a clock winder. there is a station guard. he tries to capture hugo several times though he never does. there is a toy seller he called for the guard to catch hugo. later he becomes hugo's friend and hugo also discovers he was a movie director a long time ago. hugo's father died a long time ago. if you want to learn more about him watch the movie. it is a good movie. i would say it is for five and up.
Monster in Paris

It was 100% good. The movie was a bit scary but the monster is not scary.  It is exciting. There are not too many villains, but enough villains to make it a little bit scary. The monster is not a bad a guy, he is trying to be the people's friend. they are scared. The villain is trying to kill the monster but an agent is also after the case and he finds out the villain actually wants to kill the monster so that he can be mayor.  it taught me scary things are not always scary if you really look at them the other way, if they're real, then they might be a little bit nicer if you look at them another way. they might be a nice person that can actually help you out. My favourite character was 

Emile - Cinema projectionist
He likes Maud and he is a nice guy, he projects films and he made a film in his mind about him saving Maud from a dragon crocodile. 

Maud - Box office staff
She's a nice woman and she tries to save the others like Emile, Raoul, Charles and Lucille.   They all go on great missions and Maud helps out at the end even though she doesn't help out at the start, she still cares about the monster at the end and helping his life from Maynott.

Raoul - Truck delivery guy
He is in love with his truck, he says at first his coat his not straw and then afterwards it is revealed to be straw and it's eaten by a horse at the end. 

Lucille - Singer
She helps out as a nice girl even though at the start her an Raoul, even as grade 1's they didn't like each other, she stole his truck but was waiting for him to come and get it. At the same time he never asked for it back, only at the end did that happen. and she almost fell in the lake with Raoul and at the end they were friends again.

Charles - Professor's Monkey (Professor is Raoul's boss)
Charles, he is a funny monkey and he talks by papers. You never really get to see the truck driver's boss and there is a time where he gets to drive a car.

Maynott - Commissioner
He is an evil guy trying to kill monster with all that he can get, even with the monster smartness and they're helping he thinks he killed him but he still lives at the end. everybody is sad at first but then the monster is revealed small again and then grows back to him normal size.

Pate - Investigator
Pate is not all on the commissioner's side, he is also trying to find out who is the real bad guy, he goes after the monster at first but then realizes that the monster has done nothing bad so he puts the commissioner in prison.

Albert -singing waiter
Albert tries to make the girl happy with his singing though she doesn't like it and he betrays her too by telling the police where the monster is for she has the monster hidden and well as her friends and they save her from the commissioner killing the monster in her house.

He is a pretty nice guy to think of it and he was hidden too and he went on a car and he has been jumping from building to building, he came from a seed and a huge flower too. and he is a pretty good friend after you think about it, and we saw him a few times. he needs to be taken care of and loved or he will scare pretty much if you have never seen him before.

I would say the movie is good for children who are 6 years and up.