Friday, 26 April 2013


This is a film called the Aristocats.  The kittens names are Marie, Berlioz, and Toulouse. Their mom is Duchess and their soon-to-be dad is Thomas.  It's because he's not fully their dad, he becomes their dad at the end.  it is fun and exciting . The butler named Edgar, when he hears that Madame Bonfamile says that she is going to leave all her treasures and gold to the cats instead of Edgar the butler. So Edgar immediately tries to make a sleeping potion to make the cats go to sleep so in the middle of the night he can take them away so he can get the gold and coins for himself.  The mom and the kittens were put by a river bank - one by one they were found and met together.  After meeting the cat Thomas, they met goose on the way back to the city. And before the goose, they went on a magic carpet ride which was a milk truck.  After the goose, they met the uncle goose Waldo.  He was marinated.  He was drunk.  They go to Thomas' home for a while to get rest after the night and go back to Paris. After meeting the scat gang of alley cats and Roquefort the mouse, they come back from Roquefort trying to tell them that Edgar is going to tie them up in the bag. After Edgar doing that he again, Roquefort, starts to find Thomas to rescue the cats. After rescuing the cats they sing a song. The end. 


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